I'm back from New York and sponsored by Lebayle mouthpieces!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'm finally back from New York City! It was a great trip filled with intense music and new friends!  During my 2 week trip, I had the chance to play in some great venues in New York and Boston(The Iridium, 55 Bar, The Beehive, etc.) and performed with Nate Smith, Tommy Crane, Aki Ishiguro, Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic, Jeff Hirshfield, Jamie Baum, Nick Anderson, Roy Assaf and Aryeh Kobrinsky.  It's always a great pleasure and an honor to be performing with such great players in the big apple!

I also had a meeting with the great Fred Lebayle, fantastic mouthpiece maker, who designed for me a custom handmade wood mouthpiece! I have been playing exclusively on Lebayle mouthpieces for the last 10 years so it is a great honor to now be sponsored by such a passionate and devoted artist. I guess I'll keep playing on your mouthpieces for another 10 years...Thanks Fred ;-)

Also, please check out Fred's webpage!