Summer concerts!
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Summer is finally here and many concerts coming up!

Here are a few dates coming up with a bunch of different projects, hope to see you there and share these moments with you!

June 28th 6:00pm at L'Astral for the Montreal Jazz Festival with Ben Monder, Dan Weiss and  John Hollenbeck.

June 30th 5:00pm at Bar Social avec Fred Pauze 3

July 2nd 6:00pm at L'Astral for the Montreal Jazz Festival with Effendi Jazzlab

July 2nd 10:00pm at Dièse Onze with Alex Bellegarde quartet

July 3rd 8:00pm at Monument National for the Montreal Jazz Festival with Orchestre National de Jazz

July 4th 1:00pm with the Dave Gossage septet

July 13th 8:00pm at Centre des Arts Orford with Orchestre National de Jazz

July 20th 8:00pm at Festival Lanaudière with Orchestre National de Jazz

August 1st 8:00pm at FestiJazz Tremblant with Samuel Blais Trio

August 2nd 1:00pm at FestiJazz Tremblant Masterclass

August 2nd 8:00pm at FestiJazz Tremblant with Jazzlab Orchestra

August 9-10th 3:00pm at Coupe Rogers with Samuel Blais trio

August 12-13th 4:00pm at Mardi Jazz in Trois-Rivière

August 15th at Theatre de Verdure Montréal with Jazzlab Orchestra

August 28th at Cafe Resonance with Zach Fisher Back to School Special

Summer concerts!
Last chance to see the SBQ in 2018!
Samuel Blais invites Weiss, Pilc and Vedady at Diese Onze!
"Equilibrium" record launch tour!

You can check out some videos of live performances here.  This section should be updated monthly to bring you some fresh material from recent performances.  It is recommended to watch the videos in HD for the quality of the video and the sound to be optimal.

Come again! ;-)